Top tips for shipping a classic car

Top tips for shipping a classic car

Stylish, breathtaking and utterly irreplaceable classic cars have continued to amaze generations of drivers, requiring specialized classic car transport to bring them to shows, or new homes. We understand that taking care of such a car is challenging work, and requires nothing but the best. 

That’s why Dell is committed to providing you with the best imaginable service, from professionals with extensive experience in the field. Wondering how? Here are our top industry open secrets, on how we go the extra mile, to make sure your classic, sports, or antique car is well-taken care of.


You don’t need to look too far into our history, to notice that we’ve been around for a while. At Dellcy, we believe that the only way you can garner trust is through reliability. That’s why we’ve made sure not to over-promise, or under-deliver. Our services have always been at a solid level, and we’ve made sure our customers leave satisfied with our interactions. 

From insurance policy to reviews and contracts, you can be certain we’ve got it all covered. Especially important for classic cars, where a minor alteration can cost upwards of thousands of dollars. We’ve got the experience to back up our claims.

Enclosed transportation

If there are car shipping companies out there recommending open shipment or multi-car shipment, steer clear. Not only is that more likely than not to damage your car’s coating, reducing the shine and shimmer, but it could also lead to incidents. We know that when shipping a classic car, whatever minor price increase happens compared to open shipping, it is far outweighed by the value of the classic car itself.

Find yourself the right car movers who are aware of the basic details of shipping a classic car, and you won’t have to worry about the state it will be delivered in.

Vehicle Condition Reports

Make sure to document the state of the car before and after the shipment extensively, signed by both parties. The reason is simple: should anything happen, it places the car shipping company in direct liability for the damage being done. If you’re dealing with professionals, not only should this be obvious, but also encouraged. 

Truly experienced classic car shippers won’t be afraid to take responsibility for your car during shipment and have the necessary insurance policy in case something does happen. The vehicle condition report is an especially useful tool – make sure to take advantage of it.

Prepare your car for shipment

Your car was likely kept in pristine condition, but it might still be worth it to give it a second look. For instance, most car transport services would prefer it if your car is only at a quarter-full tank level, as it makes the weight of the car easier. In a similar vein, if your car has been used before, try to remove any personal belongings that might be in the car.

Disabling the alarm or giving your car shipping company an extra pair of keys can help them bring the car in, and deliver it exactly to your door. 

On the flip side, if your car should not be driven, simply leave the fuel tank empty and announce that to the company. Professional companies will have a way of loading your car into the enclosed space while securing it tightly. 

Following these tips will all but guarantee that you will find the right company to ship your classic car to the right destination. Taking the necessary precautions and choosing correctly, ahead of time, makes all the difference.

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